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Tell Me a Story...

LaRete Art Projects presenta il nuovo progetto di

Maria José Arjona. Tell Me a Story Because I Can't Sleep

un progetto partecipativo che culmina in una serie di performances in Italia, Colombia e a New York. 

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Dear Reader,
I am embarking on a new project that promises to be one of the biggest and most ambitious performances of my career. Come with me!
Tell Me a Story Because I Can't Sleep is the last installment of Vires, a performance cycle focusing on the issues of power and choice. This last phase of Vires closes the cycle by addressing story telling and oral tradition as forces that unite and create narratives in which the body is conceived as the point of convergence of history itself.
I warmly invite you to participate. How? Share a story-a short one, a long one, a funny one, a sad one-anything. Your story and the other collected stories accumulate to be a long durational performance that will tour the world.
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Looking forward to hearing your story
                                                              Maria José Arjona

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