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Ryts Monet. 20 Years Ago

Ryts Monet. 20 YEARS AGO
A site specific installation for Malagoli Aldebrando srl
In collaboration with LaRete Art Projects

Opening reception Friday September 16th, 2016 - 6.30 pm

Malagoli Aldebrando srl, via Dalla Costa 140, 41122 Modena - Italy

LaRete Art Projects is happy to announce the site specific installation by Ryts Monet (Bari, Italy, 1982) realized in collaboration with Malagoli Aldebrando srl, a leading company in the field of steel production.
After working together with Ryts Monet to produce some of his installations in the last years, Malagoli Aldebrando srl felt that contemporary art had to become an integral part of the company's everyday life. This urge is motivated by many factors and roots - like the estranging power of art and the chance to experiment a different use of the materials on which the company built its corporate identity.
This background, together with the constant dialogue with the artist, led to the work 20 YEARS AGO, an installation made by iron and led lights specifically created for the manufactory space.
Realized together with the employees of Malagoli Aldebrando srl, this work had been conceived for the wall of the mechanical workshop. Addressee of the work are then those who are responsible for production, those who, together with the owners, established through the years the company's high profile in the steel market.
For them and for all those who will cross these spaces - visitors, clients, collaborators or suppliers - 20 YEARS AGO will offer the unique opportunity to live a special experience through time and memory.
"20 years ago": but since when?
Today 20 years ago means 1996, but with the years it will always evoke a different reference in terms of time and year. As a "time device" this installation takes the viewer through diverse working rhythms, meetings, moments, through a personal interpretation of time relativity and through an individual and collective universe of memories.

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